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Being a journal by artist and designer John Coulthart, cataloguing interests, obsessions and passing enthusiasms.
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Ich könnt ja ständig da hin linken oder rebloggen, und ich hab John Coultharts Blog auch schon mal vorgestellt.

Heute hat er in seinen wöchentlichen Weekend Links was dabei, das mich besonders entzückt, weil zwei meiner Helden erwähnt werden: Robert Anton Wilson und Alan Moore. Und dazu Twitter. Ich hab neuerdings einen Account dort und das Zitat von John Higgs spricht mich sehr an!

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“In the modern internet world you have what I talk about as the ‘War of the Certain’: people insisting that their absolutist viewpoint, in 140 characters, is exactly the right way to think, and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is terrible. If you’ve grown up reading Robert Anton Wilson this is awful. Having all of these certain people with no nuance or doubt, and no understanding of multiple-model agnosticism, is not going to go anywhere good.” Writer John Higgs talking to Ben Graham about RAW, Discordianism and related matters. A related matter: Higgs talks to Alan Moore about virtual-reality mysticism, creating a new counterculture, reinventing magick, and the eternal nature of time.